How to Choose Perfect ivory wedding shoes

Although wedding dresses are the most important part of the wedding, shoes always are also playing a vital role in your wedding dressing. A brilliant pair of ivory wedding shoes cannot only add beauty to the dress, but also improve the delicate taste. Beautiful bride should be perfection from head to toe, in addition to a superb wedding, beautiful makeup, flashing jewelry and charming smile.
Key point: The best time to choose shoes is around 3pm to 6pm because feet will swell slightly at this time. If the selected size is not small, it is no problem to wear at any other time. You cannot just try it before the mirror, you should be sure to go back and forth a few steps and carefully feel stability of the shoe with the right size.
Second point: About 2/3 of people are not as large as two feet. So just remember which foot is long or short and two feet should to be tried on. You cannot simply choose the sizes to buy shoes. You are sure to personally try on the shoes.
Third point: Foot will have expansion and contraction phenomenon with different seasons, so you can buy discounted shoes in winter. However, the exact size you try may be slightly smaller than the summer.
Fourth point: Choose ivory wedding shoes according to the color of the wedding dress. Do not choose a quite different color between shoes and dress. It is better to choose a similar color, which is more coordinated.
Fifth point: Before the wedding ceremony, you'd better wear new wedding shoes for several times to adapt it in the case of feeling frayed at the ceremony. And you can prepare some band-aid in advance.
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