The bride selected wedding dress three Raiders

Now wedding dress styles varied, many ready to marry the bride also for the selection of cheap ball gown wedding dresses things to worry about, because of the need to choose a suitable own wedding dress dress is not easy to do, ha ha.Small make up for you to collect three choose wedding dress dress Raiders in the Internet, we can refer to the appropriate.

A, wedding dress color choice

What is the color of wedding dress is not too important, first must condition is to the bride and color match.Oriental color deep yellow, wear white wedding dress, will appear dull, wearing ivory will be more harmonious with nature.Blue, purple and yellow skin can not coordinate, but pink orange, green and yellow powder color matching.As for skin white inside deeply red, or bronze skin, wearing a white would be very interesting, especially the latter, will emerge out of the ordinary light.

With the trend of the world is constantly changing, wedding dress in white, ivory, beige and other traditional color, in recent years, it is also becoming popular set of pink dress dress, such as pink, orange, blue, purple, pink and green and light silver, very soft and pleasing to the eye; if you dare to try, dark green, purplish red, deep purple, dressed in pink wedding dress, forming colorful dress, the effect will be very special; as for the most popular, of course, is ivory or white wedding dress, with a pink silk flowers, butterflies, to add color.

Two, the selection of wedding dress styles

Traditional skirts and long, and the general spread out like an umbrella skirt, is many girls to wear, in the photo studio photo is preferred.On the wedding day, should choose slightly off the ground small awning skirt, or long and ankle was A word cut straight wedding dress.Must pay attention to, fishtail skirt is the most inconvenient, the most difficult to wear good-looking, if not particularly fond of, still don't try.

The style of young and dainty and cute, should wear a lovely princess Designer cocktail dresses; tall wear line is concise and clear; plump should avoid low-cut dress and straight.

Three other factors, wedding dress selection

Of note, the wedding dress with long or short tail to tail tail, often subject to external environmental factors.If an outdoor wedding, trailing a good-looking; but the girl must be older or have no strength for the bride picked up the tail, or even be tripped, long tail on the float will also increase a lot of inconvenience, causing embarrassment.

To buy or rent a good wedding dresses wedding dresses, will depend on the bride's willingness, if she wants to save as the eternal souvenir, it is worth the investment, but if insufficient places to stay, souvenirs, might as well buy a beautiful headdress.


Bride dress dressing surgery

Now our living standard has improved, people's activities are more and more, to attend an important place, ordinary clothes must not, so we should pay attention to in the Special Occasion Dresses what clothes to wear, at the dinner, we will choose to wear the dress, so small dress design more and more!
Due to the design of dress more prominent woman, for the bride, need to wear a wedding in the wedding, but the total can not always wear a wedding dress, so understand according to occasion dressed bride, to prepare for her wedding, but also in the wedding midfielder put on the dress, take off the sacred wedding, put on dress, at this time you will feel very relaxed.
Unlike the Special Occasion Dresses so troublesome, its design is simple, light and elegant, more suitable for the petite bride, so when the bride married not only need to wear a wedding dress, more need to wear a jacket to highlight the body curve of their.Do not know how to choose the small dress of the bride?Then have a look fashionable dress picture it, then you will be more and more like a small dress. 1.28

The kind of evening dress | short evening dress models

The kind of evening dress | short evening dress models
There are many types of evening dress, but the traditional evening dress is what kind of style? The traditional evening dress is quite satisfactory, with the evening's special occasions, evening dress with a smooth silk fabric.
And now, the short evening dress is more monotonous some, does not present a variety of styles, silky fabric surface feels smooth under the lights at night will be reflective, fabric will be more bright, bright fabrics looks very full, simple and generous.
So I think regardless of traditional clothes, or dress now, they are the production of evening dress in order to show the female body, Slim, to show curvaceous is the purpose of each era.
Below, we come to appreciate more the kind of Celebrity evening dresses | evening dress style chart:
Little girl to wear, dressed in traditional evening dress, significant flavor! 1.28


Teach you do qualified a matron of honour

If this is the first time you when a matron of honour, also don't know what to do a matron of honour, if let the originality of the fox small make up take you to learn a matron of honour specific work flow it.
1, on the Internet to find information about a matron of honour work matters needing attention and the wedding process, the matters needing attention, to the wedding process accomplish know fairly well.
2, and meet the agreed time and accommodation and hotel location (a week before finalize)
3, on time to the new home report, along with the bride preparation is missing items (such as head of the flower arrangement), some may also decorate venues, can see the groom and his attendants had better. At this time must pay attention to communicate, the bride has been busy halo, but a matron of honour to awake, ask the prepare everything ready to all didn't, Wedding Guest Dresses 2013, propose a toast of adulterated wine, and petals female guests, some crackers male guest, champagne table, candlestick very well no, sound tried didn't.
4, supervision and the bride bedtime water quantity, remind the bride to bed early. The alarm before bedtime, want to use of east east classification in the obvious place.
5, evening for the bride to wear a wedding dress, one is familiar with the bridesmaid dress process, and the second is to look for the feeling. Wear in the wedding dress underlying a piece of cloth, due to the friction make marriage gauze with electrostatic attraction the dust of the earth.
6, the second day morning, than the bride get up early for a while, cast in front of her wash gargle. In the bride wash gargle, a matron of honour to take the time to make up (please welcome makeup girl turn a matron of honour makeup jm will save trouble is much, some brides to studio change, a matron of honour will avail oneself of every opportunity), pack noodles don't be too strong, the face of the blain blain pit pit cover what will do, false eyelash wig is don't think.
7, in the bride makeup period, a matron of honour main task is to clear up your own clothes and makeup look, 2 it is to check the bride to bring items, such as: headdress flower, jewelry and so on are installed, the most important is to convey the bride and complete the instruction, such as: the bride to want a drink - fall; The bride, want to look for person to call; The groom to phone - joint; Makeup girl busy -... Anyhow, want to have "screws" spirit - where need to where to.
Eight, the groom ridiculous, bend over backwards to stop him (time permits can create difficulties about), ask questions, ask the strict requirements of the better, if not with the elders, let the bridegroom bride find shoes to wear shoes don't less (one's), because for the bride to wear shoes, the bride face a happy face is really moving (perhaps life just this once).
9, the float, there will be a lot of ribbons on the new body, clear in time. Before the ceremony, to be checked again the bride makeup (makeup girl will save trouble). The time needed for the goods sent to the dressing room. (sometimes the bride's principle will do)
10, napkins, cosmetics, diamond ring into the small bag take, back to the bride to the side.
11, when the appropriate to help the bride wedding dress, the best side from the wedding and bustle with slightly higher, prevent the bride trip. I am a short, basic need not bow, tall jm at this time to a little sacrifice, bend high waist, even if feel bad, in order to the bride also to do (who also do not want the bride down).
12, send the couple stand to the stage, and the best man to be automatic retire the wings are at maneuver (the limelight is not good, when the leaves not everyone can naturally, so as well HouChang). If the bride tears, quickly pass paper towel, makeup.
13, out the ceremony, with the fastest speed to the bride's, repair a makeup, put the things classification packed (can have principle help best), can eat something better. Must remind the couple and their trip on wc.
14, to propose a toast, best man end of wine, a matron of honour end smoke sugar. Remind the bride to propose a toast, meet male guest and smoke; In the female guests strip sugar; Red packets into a matron of honour custody.
15, stop to wine groomsman it, while they push the cup in the lamp, quickly find acquaintances to you send rice send food (advance must play called, but we have to pay attention to table manners). See the couple had to swallow what things, timely pass paper towel (can send steamed bread better).
16, patiently until the end of the party, and then tired also want to politely ask "what can I help you?" And then replacement good bride item whereabouts, the red envelopes, turn over to the collection, with the couple's parents daoxi, smile say goodbye. He note counting objects, don't take away the new thing, don't get your things down.