The kind of evening dress | short evening dress models

The kind of evening dress | short evening dress models
There are many types of evening dress, but the traditional evening dress is what kind of style? The traditional evening dress is quite satisfactory, with the evening's special occasions, evening dress with a smooth silk fabric.
And now, the short evening dress is more monotonous some, does not present a variety of styles, silky fabric surface feels smooth under the lights at night will be reflective, fabric will be more bright, bright fabrics looks very full, simple and generous.
So I think regardless of traditional clothes, or dress now, they are the production of evening dress in order to show the female body, Slim, to show curvaceous is the purpose of each era.
Below, we come to appreciate more the kind of Celebrity evening dresses | evening dress style chart:
Little girl to wear, dressed in traditional evening dress, significant flavor! 1.28