2013 a deep V elegant wind - evening dress

Deep V elegant wind - evening dress story:
1, elegant wind,
2, under the flourishing of floating light photography,
3, elegant light show, the unique
4, fashionable luxurious party,
5, pure color,
6, is more charming,
7, elegant in model, elegant in my heart.
simple elegant wedding dresses
simple elegant wedding dresses

Deep V elegant wind - evening dress design concept:
1, lace belt, lace cuffs, solid shoulder,
2, deep v-neck in the chest and back,
3, delicate clipping cultivate one's morality,
4, mutiple level irregular skirt is placed,
5, greco-roman skirt spread out the fork,
6, deduce a hit is very graceful and restrained and infinite charm,
7, worked magnificently,
8, it contain nearly all of the women's fantasies about beauty.
Deep V elegant wind - simple elegant wedding dresses detail interpretation:
1, have stereo feeling extremely exquisite lace sleeve edge of collocation, fashionable and beautiful,
2, close-fitting sexy v-neck combined with the depth of the lace embroidery, romantic interpretation of the vintage style charm,
3, high waist lace and delicate clipping cultivate one's morality, reflect infinite grace,
4, the cascade with small open fork skirt, little sex appeal in restoring ancient ways,
5 deep V backless, bold design match the waist only beautiful lace flowers, in the modern fashion sexy add a romantic classic lasting appeal!