Check your back pocket before washing clothes or dry clean

Do not choose a dress of silk if you do not include people who are patient.Absorbed should be dry with a white napkin.The biggest mistake that people often do when clothes are stained with panic.It can actually damage the fabric and color fade.If you always spill something into your pocket or can not be refined with the shirt do not buy clothes that require more care.Without a second thought and then take a cloth napkin dipped into the water and rub into the stain until the stain is out.Hot air temperature can make a stain stick for good.Do you wash off until the day of arrival?

Check your back pocket before washing clothes or dry clean.If your clothes stains do not panic because it can perform any action.Note the type of stain, and then appropriately handled within 24 hours.If the clothes exposed to dust, clean the brush with the bristles of natural materials.Never rub the affected spot.

Silk shirt you easily damaged because of the way care is modest or torn due to snag in the nails or the like.If it does not fit your personality and your lifestyle is the same as throwing money into the trash.Hanging clothes on a hanger made of wood or plastic and should never use a wire hanger made of.If you use a washing machine, once completed,wedding dresses, remove and flapping-kibas each shirt before it goes into drying.This can reduce clutter when drying clothes .So,prom dresses, do not dry the clothes in the machine or menyetrikannya before all the stains cleaned.